Super Women | The Collection
Honouring exceptional women
with a bunch of flowers.
La Moda | The Collection
A tribute to a time when women freed
themselves from the corset.
Super Women | The Collection
Sustainable fabrics.
Maximum comfort.
Effortlessly chic.
La Moda | The Collection
Easy to combine.
Styling with a twist.
Super Women | The Collection
Bold. Brave. Beautiful.
Explore stories of female power.
La Moda | The Collection
Always casual comfortable.
Always très chic.
La Moda | The Collection
Motifs celebrating the 1920s Spirit.
Cuts matching everyday's style.
La Moda | The Collection
Maximum versatility.
The exclusive one-of-a-kind carrés.
Mujeres and Mapa del Mundo
An homage to the beauty of nature
and female pioneering spirit.

»mi Querido« means my beloved and precious.

The motifs of our garments are inspired by themes that are close to our hearts, by stories about strength and emancipation and about the beauty of nature that lies in everything.
Our fashion expresses sovereignty and self-determination in all its facets. It wants to inspire to dare something new and to maintain style: casual cuts that offer maximum comfort and freedom of movement, bold statement colours that do not follow a short-lived trend, materials and workmanship that express the highest quality.

We are convinced that favourite pieces are timeless and loved for what they embody for each individual.

The benchmark of our fashion are our own needs and demands.
We don‘t create clothes for just one occasion, but want the freedom to feel comfortable and change our plan at any moment – from home office to business lunch, from office to an aperitif in a trendy restaurant, from a city stroll to a museum visit.  It has to be casual and chic at the same time, bold but not crazy, self-confident but not without a twinkle in the eye.

Flexible, light and effortless, the pieces in the miQuerido collection can be combined in many ways – as a key piece or as a complete outfit – depending on your mood.
For us it is the nicest compliment when each piece of miQuerido is filled with its own stories. 

New every day, different every time!