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Colourful mind!
My passion lies in colours, fabrics and stories. As a professional graphic designer focused on museology and temporary exhibitions I came in contact with ancient engravings some years ago. They are now base to my designs and collections. I love to extract them, give them a new context and create new tales. Tales to be told and to be worn. In beautifully patterned scarves, ponchos, kaftans and much more.

Spread the colours, spread the joy!

Yours sincerely,
Julia Auth


Julia Auth

Grown up in a family dedicated to fashion and design. Julia’s grandmother worked as a buyer for fabrics, her mother translated the samples brought home into clothes for her daughter.

Place of Residence
Formerly Berlin, Germany
now living in Switzerland.

About the Brand
»Mi Querido« is Spanish for my darling, my sweetheart. It is like a treasure box containing only preciousness – embodied by colour, joy and love.