About our design

The motif of each collection is first created on a large carré, which serves as a canvas for telling the new story. We then transfer the motif to individual cuts, which we develop with the aim of combining coolness, comfort and elegance. We pay great attention to details and therefore make sure to incorporate little twists into the dresses, such as drawstrings that can be used to change the silhouette within the blink of an eye. 
The motifs are telling stories that are close to our hearts. We use statement prints and strong colours to underline our passion for these themes and convey them to the world in a positive and self-confident design.

About our products

Our products are manufactured according to our own standards. 
We manufacture only in Europe from exclusive fabrics. Our products are printed and made up in small family businesses that we have been working with for many years.
Silk spandex, silk satin, twill and organza are complemented by a product line of sustainable jersey fabrics. All materials are characterised by a wonderful flowing look and a soft and pleasant feel. 
We place the highest demands on printing and processing, which are realised with the know-how of traditional family businesses. The individual items in the collection are made up by hand, the pattern is customised to each dress size, runs over seams and is made to fit perfectly. Only French seams can be found in our products, which also allow the luxury to be felt on the skin and ensure that only silk touches the skin, not seams with scratchy thread. Pockets in most dresses symbolise a high level of comfort. They are also printed in the design so that it is not immediately obvious if the pockets gape open.
It is both a confirmation and a compliment for us when wearing our creations feels natural and helps to create a feeling of casual elegance and chic.

About «mi Querido»

In Spanish, the name means «my beloved, my precious» – and this symbolizes our passion for the items which we create for our label.
With great commitment and perfectionism, we develop fashion and accessories that are not self-sufficient, but strive for the highest standards in all areas – design, materials and craftsmanship.
The designer behind the label is Julia Auth, graphic designer from Berlin who now lives and works in Switzerland. She inherited a passion for materiality from her grandmother, who managed the fabric purchasing department of a fashion house, and a penchant for a perfect and comfortable fit from her mother, who tailored her clothes when she was a child and teenager.
As a graphic designer, she has a great enthusiasm for colours, images and patterns. She uses them to tell colourful and extroverted stories in her collections.

Spread the colours, spread the joy!