SUPER WOMEN | Honoring the power and strength in every woman

The motifs of our Super Women collection are inspired by stories of strong and self-confident women who have been under-recognised for their achievements in various fields, but above all for the emancipation of women. Our Super Women are role models for many women and receive a bouquet of flowers as a sign of recognition.
The collection reflects sovereignty and self-determination in all its facets. – It aims to inspire people to dare to try new things and maintain style: Casual cuts that offer maximum comfort. Bold statement prints with motifs that tell a story. Materials that flatter the body. A finish that reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship.
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LA MODA | When women freed themselves from the corset

A tribute to the time when women freed themselves from the corset, an exciting time full of upheavals, when lust for life was a central aspect of daily life.
With comfortable cuts, exclusive prints and finest craftsmanship, the Moda collection celebrates the Roaring Twenties, women‘s sovereignty, self-determination and equal participation in social life: being casual and chic at the same time, bold but not crazy, self-confident but not without a twinkle in the eye.
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MUJERES | A flower bouquet for strong women

The Mujeres collection honors women with a floral bouquet who have done a great job.
As an example for many women who have not received enough recognition, this series features four women of all stripes: Amelia, an aviation pioneer, who was the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a solo flight and disappeared on her second attempt of a circumnavigation. Selma, a writer who was very committed to women’s rights and social issues won the literature nobel prize as the first woman. Rosalind, a scientist who excelled in a male domain and whose research results were – without her knowledge – basis for the decryption of DNA. Doris, beloved mother, wife and daughter, who is biggest inspiration for the designer herself.
As a special service you can have your own portrait in one of the four colour combinations – for yourself or for a special person. Contact the designer directly for more information.

METROPOLIS | A journey through Switzerlands’ cantons

From mountain valleys to global cities, from bank notes to time pieces, from the Battle of Morgarten to Shrovetide Carnival – Switzerland with its 26 cantons is a country of variety. The depicted compass rose helps to navigate through the Swiss cardinal directions whilst intertwining them with guilloche patterns of regional specifics. The route is peppered with clippings of industry in Chur and Winterthur, the octagonal Water Tower of Lucerne, the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen or ski traces in St. Moritz as top of the World. All frame the outline of Switzerland and the Swiss flag in the heart of the scarf. An open invitation to go on a fantastical journey.

MINERALES | From a selection of lustrous minerals to a gemstone tiara

All the myths and legends! In pre-historic ages minerals were used for cave paintings. Colours like charcoal and iron oxides were applied – still retaining their original brightness. Lustrous gemstones have played various roles throughout history. Some tell a story, some are believed to have mysterious powers and all of them share a common beauty. Colour is the most eye-catching feature of them. They come in every colour of the rainbow and are gathered from all around the world – by uniqueness, shape or in a tiara in this one scarf.  

MAPA DEL MUNDO | A journey through the world’s flora and fauna

This carré is a meeting of continents: From Europe to Africa and Asia, from North to South America; the flora and fauna of the whole world is united in one scarf. The way is peppered with animals – here a giant tortoise, there a tiger and so many more all with reference to the continent they come from. For example, if you take a closer look to the equatorial zone of South America with its remarkably diverse fauna and flora you will see a jaguar, the solitary big cat that prowls dense forests or a lama and an armadillo. With its masterful composition this scarf is a wearable piece of art – with so many motifs of choice.